In order to become a TIC Fellow, you must be:
• Enrolled in a baccalaureate program relevant to some aspect of national security
• Approved by the TIC Fellows Director (requires a resume review and email invite to attend online Orientation)
• Attend an online Orientation
• Add your Fellowship position to LinkedIn profile

In order to become a TIC Associate, you must be:
• Enrolled in a graduate program relevant to some aspect of national security or have relevant work experience in some aspect of national security
• Approved by TIC Associates Director (requires a resume review and email invite to attend online Orientation)
• Attend an online Orientation
• Add Associate position to LinkedIn profile

Purpose: To provide enhanced community engagement on issues relevant to national security and private sector security through subject matter expertise, improved community structure, outreach, liaison and education.  Fellows and Associates can gain valuable experience and contacts through analysis, rich community engagement and grassroots leadership.  The Intelligence Community LLC benefits from the Program by scaling in a healthy way to meet real needs of the community and increasing collaboration across organizations.

Location: Virtual and Global

Scope of Work: TheIntelligenceCommunity.com offers two programs to help students and professionals get introduced to new job opportunities. These programs evolved out of the TIC internship program and have replaced the internship program.  For those individuals who came into the TIC Internship program before the start of the Fellows and Associates programs, they are grandfathered into the appropriate new programs.  These programs are completely voluntary and all requested tasks are optional.  TIC will endeavor to create opportunities for Fellows and Associates that lead to full time employment and an enhanced professional network.

General Expectations of TIC Fellows and Associates:

• Post one new discussion to TIC.network once a week
• Attend the Monday night chat room on TIC.network twice a month
• Flag any unprofessional comments in The Intelligence Community LinkedIn group
• Adhere to posting rules on The Intelligence Community LinkedIn group
• “Like”, share and engage with TIC announcements on LinkedIn and other appropriate channels
• Participate at least once as an author or editor in a TIC eBook project
• Maintain a professional tone at all times in internet discussion threads
• Help provide assistance to each other when possible
• Contribute weekly input to The Source System

Specific Expectations of TIC Fellows:

• Assist with tasks as directed for organizations listed at www.theintellcomm.com
• Attend conferences on behalf of TIC when available (funding is sometimes available to pay for conference fees)
• Conduct one informational interview with a national security leader and publish the interview to TIC.network

Specific Expectations of TIC Associates:

• Be available as a professional mentor to Fellows
• Respond to periodic surveys on how to improve TIC digital enterprise.

Additional Roles & Expectations

Fellows and Associates are expected to commit between 1 and 3 hours a week to various tasks outlined above according to their expertise and availability.  The length of the program is up to you but is expected to last for one year.  The first two months are a trial period designed to build trust and determine areas where you are most capable to excel.  Fellows and Associate tasks generally fall into two roles, either as a liaison, or an analyst.  It is fine to do both types of tasks.

Liaisons: Search The Intelligence Community LinkedIn Group for points of contact within key partner agencies, organizations and companies.  The expectation is that you will reach out to your points of contact on a regular basis to maintain a solid connection and situational awareness.  This will vary according to the type of relationship and seniority of the individual. Outreach might include

  1. IC Agency Public Affairs POCs for industry news
  2. company and agency gatekeepers
  3. business leaders in the IC and national security cottage industries
  4. VIPs

Analysts: As an Analyst for The Intelligence Community LLC, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and writing capability in a public forum where colleagues and potential employers are regularly networking.  Analyst experience varies greatly and those with more experience will be invited to lead analytic teams as well as evaluate other analysts on their teams.  The baseline expectation is that Analysts will post one to two blog posts to TIC.network per week and a short version of the same to our LinkedIn group “The Intelligence Community”.  Blog posts can take many different forms and some examples are outlined in a separate document on Analyst Tracks.  Once you begin a discussion thread on Linkedin or on TIC.network, you are expected to respond to any comments that directly address you.  Analysts may cover any region or topic of interest to them, but certain categories are incorporated into specific departments (these departments are still under review).  Read the group rules on LinkedIn before posting.  The ALL CAPS portion in the headline should correspond to your department or area of focus.  These are important because they serve as a quick filter for moderators to remove discussions posted by those who haven’t read the group rules.  They are also important because the high volume of discussions makes it more important for readers to be able to quickly scan the headlines.

Intelligence Analyst for The Source: This is a time intensive and rewarding position requiring the utmost integrity and willingness to sign and adhere to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  This is a highly competitive role with a high number of applicants.  A 3-part interview is required following acceptance into the Fellows & Associates program.  A current SECRET or higher level USG security clearance is preferred, but not required.  Those interested in pursuing this role are encouraged to submit their resume, cover letter and writing clips to craig@theintellcomm.com with the subject line “PROSPECTIVE TSS ANALYST: Your Name”.        

Misc. Roles: You may also contribute significantly to the community as event liaisons, quality assurance and administrative assistants, depending on skill sets and connections.

SUPERVISION AND MENTORSHIP: Fellows and Associates will report directly to the Program Directors unless otherwise directed and receive direct feedback on contributions and endorsements on work based on performance.

ACADEMIC CREDIT:  At this point, this program is not accredited and does not convey any course credit value.

COMPENSATION: This Internship Program is currently unpaid.  Remuneration is in the form of increased exposure of the participants and personal introductions to leaders in the community.  There may be opportunities for a travel stipend covering specific events.  Interns are required to be dues paying members of TIC.network but may be reimbursed for books purchased (for approved titles) if you write a review for TIC.network.  Intelligence Analysts for The Source receive complimentary access to TIC.network and additional exclusive opportunities based on participation levels.


1. Submit an application here.

2. Email your resume to internship@theintellcomm.com, with the subject line “PROSPECTIVE FELLOW: Your Name” or “PROSPECTIVE ASSOCIATE: Your Name”.

3. If approved*, you will be invited to join a virtual Orientation session to mark the start of your involvement and to address any questions you might have.  Orientation is conducted as we accumulate a quorum of new applicants, so if you can’t attend the first one, don’t worry, you will be invited to more.  Current fellows and associates are always welcome to attend Orientation sessions in order to get networked with incoming members.

We hope that you will consider joining our inner circle!

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